Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What have you done to God?

There's an everlasting God.
There's an everlasting fight for which God is the right God.
Would you even know if he walked beside you?
Would you worship him then?
What if he asked you for some money?
Would you fall at his feet worshipping him with bundles of notes?
Would you even care if he had to die bleeding?
Or would you edge away from him, careful not to let the blood spill onto your clothes?

What if he lived with you in your home?
What if he was your father?
The man you ignore...the man you ridicule...the man you ostracize
What if you hated him?
What if you were waiting for him to die so you can inherit the property?

What if you've hurt him every day of your life?
The same God that you pray to at night...
The same God that you ask for forgiveness...
The same God that you love..

Think about it...

[Note to the general audience - The images that I have posted are not my own. These have just been randomly selected to suit my posts.]


Rocher said...

Look who's talking about the Almighty now!!!I say fuck and laugh as you go past him...Let him know what world he has created. It's for roaches, not humans...

travelmonk said...

fucking roaches!

Harsh Taneja said...

or maybe...just maybe..

he just doesnt give a shit.

which is something that i really admire in a person.