Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tweelop's Nightmare

Tweelop was a little cat; a little cat with a problem.
She suffered from schizophrenia but how, she could not fathom.

As the days passed by and the nights skipped on, she felt a lump growing in her head.
And as the nights passed by and the days skipped on, another one grew; increasing the dread.

And finally on a white Christmas eve,
The bumps grew causing her much grief.

And in the mirror did she catch a glimpse of herself.
And one look told her she was doomed to hell.

The horns that grew upon her head.
Made her look like a reindeer with Satan had crossbred.

Was this reality or was this the insanity meddling with her head?
Well we'll never know for Tweelop was shot dead.

1 comment:

arun said...

i don't how to comment on this particular poem coz m speechless i guess that is more than enough for you to understand it is awesome! I liked the simplicity!