Saturday, April 12, 2008

When you lose your battle against life...

- and into the wilderness she ran by night and in the shadows she slept by day.

This is a story of a little girl who has no idea whatsoever of how little she is in a world thats so prodigiously corrupt. It's not a story as such, it's more like an afterthought...or perhaps just a thought.
It's a 'sample story' of a girl who's witnessed things that could make a person or probably break a person.

When I say make a person I mean she has experienced those things that are so traumatically powerful that it could make a person renounce all worldly delights and enter that unknown path of spirituality or perhaps the unknown.

When I say break a person I mean she has witnessed events that could make her a cynical, absurd and bone-chillingly horrendous person.

The story is all about choosing in which direction you want to go: this way or that way.

This little girl was born into a family of high moral values, noble deeds and great academic qualifications. This little girl couldn't ask for more out of life. She had everything that most little girls want - she had loving parents, amazing siblings, a richly extravagant lifestyle, a perfectly good set of friends, all the dolls that she desired (so she could cut their heads off and fill them up with 'daal') and all the books that she could care to read.

We skip to a few years later and we see this little girl again - shabbily dressed, going against her parents wishes every step of the way (a rebel without an apparent cause), going out for late night parties, missing from home on certain occasions, getting into drunken fights with people she wouldn't even care to look at had she been sober, dappling in drugs and other unwarranted, illegal substances, switching from one 'manly' waste head to the next, and in short doing things that she wouldn't recommend other people to do.

What went wrong? How could someone with such a brilliant future become something so outrageously disrespectful to all the norms of society, an outcast, an ingrate?

Let's rewind back to the years when she was growing up. The little girl tells me that she saw things and did things that she would never even wish her greatest of all enemies to experience - something that raped her off her innocence and soul. The little girl - the little misunderstood girl - grew up becoming a little girl who hated the world, who hated the corruption and injustice of the world. And all the love and good things in life couldn't take this hate away from her.

Why little girl? Why did you have to surrender to the 'blackness' when this is the exact same war we wage against life in our everyday lives? Why little girl did you let life steal away from you that most beautiful and important of all our traits - our innocence? Why little girl couldn't you have fought on and said 'to hell with it' like you say for most other things today? Why little girl have you not even given me a chance to be who I want to be? For I am the little girl, and the little girl is me.

But the little girl just sits back,looks me in the eye and says, "it's too late".

[Note to the general audience - The sketches that I have posted are not my own works of art. These have just been randomly selected to suit my posts. The authors remain unknown to me. To whomsoever they may be - I salute you!]

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