Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Ismail

Waking up in the middle of the night
I had visions of a dream that filled me with fright
I saw void-like demonic eyes
That pulled me into them, ‘twasnt nice.

Gasping and sweating, I tried to summon god
But in that instant I felt something in my sheets; hard as a rod!
Oh merciful screams! How they were wrenched out of me!
And try as I may to move, I couldn’t feel my feet!

Pulling my sheets aside
Was I in for a sight!
Gone were my legs and feet
And in their place was a baby fast asleep.

Terror, fright and something akin to motherly instinct
Were the feelings invoked within me, emotions that I thought were long lost and extinct.
And right there before my eyes
The baby rose; oh what a surprise!
Yellow eyes and a ghastly smile
That was my baby; my baby Ismail.

Oh how was I to abandon him?
As vile as he may seem, I couldn’t toss him out on a mere whim!
A baby still was he
So from that day on stayed he with me.
As for my legs and feet
Apparently, he couldn’t find anything else to eat.

A regular carnivore was my Ismail
And I kept this a secret for a short while
But soon the neighbours started complaining
When their cats and dogs ran away from him wailing.
Babies went missing
And kittens ran past hissing.
Oh baby Ismail!
Why must you be so vile?

And then one night, without my knowledge
The neighbours decided to drug my porridge.
And into deep slumber they sent me away
To capture my Ismail, to deny him from seeing the light of day.

And in the morning when I finally awoke.
Not a sound did I hear; not a person spoke.
As I stepped out of my hut
The sight that was there before me, eviscerated me with a thud!
Blood and brains and intestines galore.
Of all kinds of people – from the rich to the poor.
All the people I grew up with, before me they lay
Slain by my Ismail, who crawled amidst them – healthy and gay!

Crying and sobbing I ran from that scene
But at last I had to stop, and against a pole I did lean.
God sent me the devil, the devil it seems.
What wrong have I done? Other than filch nickels and beans!
Sadly I returned home, to my humble quarters.
As I make my entry, he hears me and gladly totters.

I can’t slay thee oh son of Satan!
So calmly I smile at thee and say, “hush baby no more waitin’”
More blood loss, more damage, more destruction will come.
But I’ll stand by thee baby for I am your mum.

[Note to the general audience - The paintings that I have posted are not my own works of art. These have just been randomly selected to suit my poems. The artists remain unknown to me. To whomsoever they may be - I salute you!]

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