Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A conversation between two people with very weak minds..

[16:14] Saneth Kumar: but don u think the bible is a little too much?
[16:14] Saneth Kumar: whats with the Garden Of Eden n Adam eating Eve's cherry
[16:14] Saneth Kumar: oops.. I mean...
[16:14] Saneth Kumar: Adam eating the forbidden tree
[16:15] natasha.bantwal: forbidden fruit
[16:15] Saneth Kumar: why the fuck did god put a fucking forbidden tree in his own garden??
[16:15] Saneth Kumar: are u sure??
[16:15] Saneth Kumar: I think there was a tree full of forbidden fruits
[16:16] Saneth Kumar: eating out of the forbidden tree
[16:16] Saneth Kumar: I'm pretty sure... they were eating out of something or someone else.. and god had a problem
[16:17] natasha.bantwal: no Eve ate the forbidden fruit
[16:17] natasha.bantwal: the apple
[16:17] natasha.bantwal: that the snake offered her
[16:17] Saneth Kumar: I know its an apple
[16:17] Saneth Kumar: but inside the garden only na?
[16:17] natasha.bantwal: yup
[16:18] Saneth Kumar: I'm pretty sure the snake found it in the garden.. coz snakes are not capable of cultivating food
[16:18] Saneth Kumar: so my question is... why did god put forbidden fruits in the garden??
[16:19] Saneth Kumar: even if the snake managed to get the fruit from outside...(from the forbidden garden probably)
[16:19] natasha.bantwal: yeah the snake found it
[16:20] natasha.bantwal: or maybe the snake was a peddler
[16:20] Saneth Kumar: so basically.. god put it in the garden..
[16:20] Saneth Kumar: well.. maybe
[16:20] natasha.bantwal: he wanted to test our obedience capacity
[16:21] natasha.bantwal: or maybe god is the devil himself
[16:21] natasha.bantwal: and devil is god
[16:21] natasha.bantwal: and they are both one entity
[16:21] natasha.bantwal: like our good conscience
[16:21] natasha.bantwal: and our bad conscience
[16:22] Saneth Kumar: yeah
[16:22] Saneth Kumar: wow from sex to philosophy
[16:22] Saneth Kumar: some bro sis duo we are!
[16:23] natasha.bantwal: hehehehehhehe
[16:23] natasha.bantwal: dude but that made sense!
[16:23] natasha.bantwal: god and the devil are one!
[16:23] Saneth Kumar: yeah I'm pretty sure..
[16:23] Saneth Kumar: god is like us only
[16:23] Saneth Kumar: some idiot sitting up there.
[16:23] Saneth Kumar: I mean c'mon man...
[16:24] Saneth Kumar: if he was soo powerful... don't you think he'd stop all the shit happening today??
[16:24] natasha.bantwal: exactly!
[16:24] Saneth Kumar: don't you think he'd stop all the senseless violence that happens in his name!!
[16:24] natasha.bantwal: or maybe he put it there on purpose to teach us a lesson
[16:24] natasha.bantwal: I don't think god can control us
[16:24] natasha.bantwal: he just teaches us
[16:25] Saneth Kumar: well.. then its stupid to call him the all knowing benevolent all powerful GOD!!
[16:25] Saneth Kumar: what has he taught us?
[16:25] natasha.bantwal: exactly why I prefer to be an atheist!
[16:26] Saneth Kumar: u know..
[16:26] Saneth Kumar: have u read about satanism?
[16:26] natasha.bantwal: a little
[16:26] natasha.bantwal: I just know a brief bit
[16:26] Saneth Kumar: I found out that satanism isn't about worshiping the Satan
[16:26] Saneth Kumar: the Satan is US!
[16:27] Saneth Kumar: we worship ourselves...
[16:27] Saneth Kumar: n we do what we feel like
[16:27] Saneth Kumar: no abstinence
[16:27] Saneth Kumar: do as we please.... as long as we dont hurt anyone while we're at it
[16:27] natasha.bantwal: I thought by US u meant the united states
[16:28] Saneth Kumar: hahaha
[16:28] Saneth Kumar: no
[16:28] Saneth Kumar: yourself I mean
[16:28] natasha.bantwal: yeah well I wouldn't have to read about it to know that I'm Satan
[16:28] natasha.bantwal: spell my name backwards
[16:28] natasha.bantwal: natasha
[16:29] natasha.bantwal: ah Satan
[16:29] Saneth Kumar: wow..
[16:29] Saneth Kumar: never looked at it like that
[16:29] Saneth Kumar: MY LORD!
[16:29] Saneth Kumar: your wish..
[16:29] Saneth Kumar: is my command..
[16:29] Saneth Kumar: Ah Satan
[16:29] Saneth Kumar: !!
[16:29] natasha.bantwal: ooh that feels good!!
[16:29] natasha.bantwal: what if I ruled the world one day?
[16:30] natasha.bantwal: can u imagine what a pleasure haven it would be?
[16:30] natasha.bantwal: there would be no wars
[16:30] natasha.bantwal: I'd grow trees
[16:30] Saneth Kumar: I swear!
[16:30] natasha.bantwal: plenty of food
[16:30] natasha.bantwal: lots of love making
[16:30] Saneth Kumar: and I as your loving bro would get all the pussy in the world!!
[16:30] natasha.bantwal: exactly
[16:30] natasha.bantwal: anything u wanted
[16:30] Saneth Kumar: there'd b sooo soo much love
[16:30] natasha.bantwal: anyone u wanted would be yours
[16:31] Saneth Kumar: aww thanx
[16:31] Saneth Kumar: I'm not greedy
[16:31] natasha.bantwal: and I'd talk in Shakespearean tones
[16:31] Saneth Kumar: just 2 would do
[16:31] natasha.bantwal: and wear robes of black with red sashes
[16:31] Saneth Kumar: erm..
[16:31] Saneth Kumar: o..k..
[16:31] natasha.bantwal: and wear my hair band with the red horns
[16:31] natasha.bantwal: not the pussy cat ones
[16:31] Saneth Kumar: I dunno why thats necessary....
[16:32] natasha.bantwal: wouldn't do to have the people calling Satan a pussy would it?
[16:32] natasha.bantwal: its all about the garb my underestimated minion!!!!
[16:32] natasha.bantwal: have you never heard of the proverb "clothes maketh the man"????
[16:32] Saneth Kumar: oh rite..
[16:33] Saneth Kumar: well.. dont expect me to dress like a pansy just cuz I'm your bro
[16:33] natasha.bantwal: erm
[16:33] natasha.bantwal: well there's a hitch there
[16:33] natasha.bantwal: see u know how I love to take your arse?
[16:33] Saneth Kumar: so?
[16:33] Saneth Kumar: u want me to dress like a jester?
[16:33] natasha.bantwal: so
[16:34] natasha.bantwal: I was thinking of appointing you as court jester
[16:34] natasha.bantwal: ooh you read Satan's thoughts!!!!
[16:34] Saneth Kumar: how am I supposed to attract women dressed like that
[16:34] Saneth Kumar: ??
[16:34] Saneth Kumar: erm.. we're in 2008 baby... I don think we need them court jesters
[16:35] natasha.bantwal: but if I had to rule the world
[16:35] natasha.bantwal: you'd be a court jester alright!!!
[16:35] natasha.bantwal: and trust me them jesters get more action than you right now!(cuz your getting none at all)
[16:35] Saneth Kumar: aww
[16:35] Saneth Kumar: orgy's n all
[16:36] natasha.bantwal: exactly
[16:36] natasha.bantwal: its like Doink the clown
[16:36] natasha.bantwal: he's probably mounting a rump right now
[16:36] Saneth Kumar: ermm... yeah I'm sure
[16:37] natasha.bantwal: and we'll have our gladiators
[16:37] natasha.bantwal: or would you rather like to be a gladiator?
[16:37] Saneth Kumar: well its more macho... but I'm pretty sure I'd get eaten up by them lions in my first fight
[16:38] Saneth Kumar: so.. I guess.. jester is better
[16:38] Saneth Kumar: wait a minute
[16:38] Saneth Kumar: would you set the lions on my ass??
[16:39] natasha.bantwal: thats what Satan would do eh?
[16:39] Saneth Kumar: but I'm the Satan's bro!!
[16:39] Saneth Kumar: wtf?
[16:39] natasha.bantwal: oh yeah i got carried away...

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