Friday, May 30, 2008

Promote Fiction

Did you actually take the time out to read all the shit that I have written in my other blog posts?? Most of what I write is only fictitious bullshit. I mean who gives a shit about writing down whatever is happening in my daily life, whether I'm happy or sad, what I see, what I learn, what I feel...blah blah blah. Everyone's got messed up lives so why should my life make any difference to some poor, bored soul who's happened to stumble across this hellhole of a page of mine? Why on earth do we think it necessary to write about these silly little things (ooh my mother yelled at me this morning, ohhh I'm so lonely, aaah why did he leave me and go?) when there's so much more going on out there? I'm not reading a person's blog to see what goes on in their miserable little lives, I'm reading a blog to find out what goes on in a person's mind.

If I wanted to write about my life and what I feel and what I think, I'd just write a book, find myself an agent, get it published and voila we've got ourselves the next bestseller!! It doesn't work that way you see, no one really cares about what's happening to you and what your going through and what your thinking, not even those bored housewives. Even the few people who do read your petty little lamentations, do so because they are putting themselves in your place. They don't care about whats happening to you, they care about whats happening to them, if they were you, and if you were them, if that makes any sense to you.

I mean we all are lonely, we all are sad, we all are happy, we all are glad. So writing a blog on how lonely or depressed you are isn't going to change the fact that you are in fact just that - lonely and depressed. So cut it out. Bring out the demon in you. Don't let go, you got the psycho in you! Oh me Oh my! yes I'm fine! All I'm trying to do is promote fiction!

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