Saturday, May 31, 2008

This is my idea of useful Information...

In the 23 years of my life, I have reached this conclusion:

1. There are different types of smokers.
2. Smokers comprise of the following:

a. The type's that flick the ash every two seconds.
b. The type's that don't ash at all and get some kind of perverse pleasure in ensuring that the ash doesn't break off and fall.
c. The one's that like to smoke with a flair, right out of a bond movie.
d. The one's that let out the smoke from the corners of their mouth.
e. The kinds that let out the smoke from their nostrils.
f. The one's that always have their thumb placed on the butt of the cigarette.
g. The one's that like to impress everyone with their ring blowing antics.
h. The type that places the cigarette inside a nostril, inhales and blows out smoke from their mouth.(bravo!)
i. The one's that make a small little 'poof' noise when blowing smoke out.
j. The kinds that like to talk with a cigarette plastered between their lips.

I'm guessing there are many other kinds but since I have never been the smartest and am still not the smartest, I probably must have missed out on many other styles. As and when I come across a unique smoking style I shall add it in the list above. If you do know of any other kinds of smokers, please feel free to leave a comment and you can be rest assured your information will be of great help to me (I might even include your name in this Nobel Prize winning blog of mine). Till then Auf Wiedersehen!

[Note to the general audience - The images that I have posted are not my own. These have just been randomly selected to suit my posts.]

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